Just Another “Traditional” Lacrosse Summer

6 - Published June 6, 2012 by in Stick Tech, String Jobs

There’s an epidemic sweeping the lacrosse world right now, infecting sticks everywhere, forcing people to string sticks like the creators of this great game once did… or at least we hope so!

A couple weeks ago I published one of my first attempts at stringing up a Pita Pocket, let’s just say that it was not received well. Readers everywhere took out their red pens and noted every little mistake with the stick. It stung a little at first but really helped me to figure out how to properly string a Pita Pocket. I was able to learn more and it will help me as I continue stringing them up. I guarantee you, I don’t plan on returning to a mesh stick anytime soon.

At the end of the post, we asked readers to submit their traditional string jobs so we could show them off to the world. The response was great and even as I write this I’m getting more emails of people sending in pictures and more submissions.

Reader Anthony Cupello’s Pita Pocket on a Brine Clutch

Reader Jacob Weimer’s Pita Pocket on an STX Super Power

Reader Javier Oliu’s Pita Pocket on a Brine Edge X

Reader Tom S’s Pita Pocket on an STX Super Power

The famous Jonny B’s Pita Pocket on an STX Profile

And this gem from the Bigfoot Office. Reminds of some sort of mosh pit or ball of snakes.

Think your traditional stringing job belongs up on Sweet Sweet Lax? Drop us a note with some pictures in the LAS Tipline!