Josh Dionne’s New Hampshire Dyed Duke Stick

2 - Published November 13, 2012 by in Dye Jobs, Stick Tech, String Jobs

It seems like more college players are using dyed or colored heads again, and we definitely approve of that. Most are the run of the mill, standard factory colored heads, but a select few are actually dye jobs… we recently found this Josh Dionne head on, and we are dearly hoping he uses it this year.

josh dionne duke lacrosse head


This was dyed up by the Throne of String, and it’s clean work… very clean.

That’s a serious channel pocket in a Warrior M80. Obviously the “D” on the left is the Duke logo. The “8” on right is Dionne’s number, and “Live Free Or Die” is the New Hampshire state motto. Josh hails from Merrimack, NH and went to Avon Old Farms (CT) for high school.

Kid sure has moves…


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