jay card traditional summer lacrosse

Jay Card: Bonkers Summer Lacrosse Stick

5 - Published July 17, 2012 by in Stick Tech, String Jobs

Bonkers (bon’kurs) adj. 1. crazy, wild 2. something that is hyperbolically bizarre, strange, out of order, or unbelievable.

Jay Card’s traditional Summer lacrosse camp stick is bonkers. Truly. The Canadian stick master tweeted the below photo and 412 sent it over in an email with no subject and no text. Why didn’t he need to include any text whatsoever? Because this stick is bonkers, and an overuse of text need not apply.

So I’ll shut up now and just let you guys take in this Summer wand in all of its traditional, sailor knot glory!

jay card traditional summer lacrosse

It’s impressive isn’t it? Straight up bonkers, even.

How long would it take you to string a stick like that? I think I could do it, but it might take me some SERIOUS time! Super special looking Summer spoon. Wonder how it throws. Probably perfectly!