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Ivy League Fashion Police

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Editor’s Note: Godzilla emerged last week on to breathe hot fire on the International Lacrosse World. He raged about European Lacrosse, the FIL World Championships and Asian Lacrosse as the next area for major growth. Now Godzilla has popped up on Sweet Sweet Lax to take on one of the oldest and most established American collegiate lacrosse conferences. This should be good!

Ivy League Lacrosse Uniforms

In recent years, the Ivy League, one of the oldest athletic conferences in America, has lost its way when it comes to lacrosse gear. This happened somewhere between the mayhem of the lax-bro generation sense of style and following the advice of tasteless lacrosse company reps.  There is something to be said about evolving over time, but there are also exceptions to the rules when it comes down to chasing your own tail. Remember the older time, when these team wore a simple initial of their school on their uniform with prestige and pride?  What happen since then?

Here is what I mean:  If your school program been around longer than some other conferences’ programs combined, I think you can do pretty much whatever you want.  However, if you’re a member of the Ivy League institutions, you do have a certain obligation to your school, the alums, and the 100 years of legacy to keep your look dignified. Here is a great example:  Dartmouth please change these abominations you call a helmet for 2011 to something more deserving of a program that is a member of the “Ancient Eight“.

Cornell Harvard Ivy League Lacrosse

Classic, clean looks. Although Harvard may need to talk to Nike about the fit.

Dartmouth Lacrosse Helmets 2011

Will Dartmouth have polka dots on their uniforms as well?

Today I am taking a look at one idea for what the gloves for these schools should look like.  Connor Wilson has already started this process with some great Princeton concepts.  These gloves demonstrate how Ivy League teams can get back to the basics, and really say “We do care about how we, one of the best institutions in the U.S. should look like, and be all about”. Yale perhaps the best example out of the whole conference, keep it simple, keep it clean with Navy and White… very New Haven elite. One request though: Please keep your “Techno Bulldog” logo away from the uniform, keep the “Y” on your shorts, or at least get a better bulldog like the Hoyas.

Yale: Simple, Clean, and Classic

Now it doesn’t have to be Maverik gloves like we have here (this is just for the sake of demonstration), although two out of the eight teams are already sponsored by Maverik Lacrosse. And by far, Brown is the better dressed Maverik team out of the two, and bringing “some” red back into the uniform is the key. Thank god they got rid of those spit bucket they called helmets, Brown’s (eh, brown) pro 7 is daring but works. I’ll give them points for making a strange color combo to work for them, especially if your school name IS the name of the color (maybe try a brown helmet, with a red chin next time?).

All Brown, All the time... Yummy

Harvard: Getting better (Take a look at the first picture of this post)

In reality for 2010, Dartmouth committed the ultimate offense of going with all-white Maybach gloves, despite calling themselves “the Big Green” (oh, and I believe UPenn decided to cave into white helmet mania for 2011 as well).  I guess somebody didn’t read the Coach Tumbas’ Game day rules on 412. Cornell called themselves “the Big Red” too, and despite going a little heavy with white this year, they still wore a lot more red than Dartmouth wore green. Harvard is heading into the right direction, after taking the “ugly detour” for a few years. Just make sure to be firmed with the team captains, that helped design the gears. Brine DO make great looking gears for some of their teams, be sure to stay as one of them (not a tournament team from Cambridge, MA).

Anyway… have a look what this giant Green Lizard and LAS came up with:

Maverik Lacrosse Ivy League Gloves

Ah, the ancient 8.

Okay, Columbia doesn’t have a D1 program, even though they should.  That way they can show UNC that they are not the only school that looks good in a baby blue/white combo.  Get back to the basics, don’t try too hard or just wear whatever one of your alums is sending your way. Yes, I’m talking to you Princeton!  You looked more like a National Champion back when you wore the All-black Brine L35s with a simple orange “P” stitched on it. Show that you’re proud of your institution’s colors, and that what you’re wearing now is a reflections of the school legacy. We live in a day and age where it’s hard to tell the difference between the college teams’ and summer teams’ uniforms. Not so long ago these school programs set the bench mark of what a respectable lacrosse programs should look like. There’s no reason why they can’t do it again.  All they have to do is stop chasing the trends… and get back to leading them.

Cornell Princeton Lacrosse Ivy League

Cornell often gets it right & Princeton is on the right path with this uniform... but the helmet is a bit much (Thank God they've moved on).

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