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Is This Mesh SERIOUS?

2 - Published November 20, 2012 by in Dye Jobs, Stick Tech

Last week I happened to see a video on YouTube by ChilLax Customs, and I came away impressed. I haven’t tried out the mesh (yet), but what knocked my socks off are the clean, clean lines that ChilLax is able to produce. Apart from MarcMesh, I haven’t seen another company produce lines that clean. It’s still a mystery to me, but Nick Coyne, the founder of ChilLax has certainly got it figured out.

Next week you can check out a more in-depth interview with Nick, as well as some more amazing photos of his spectacular new creation.

I asked for a stars and stripes piece, which came out amazingly, and a “bright” piece of mesh. Man oh man, Nick did NOT disappoint… simply put,  it’s above and beyond anything I was expecting.

crazy chilLax mesh

Check out Nick’s full video here for more:

Their website is coming soon…