Cascade Sports box Lacrosse helmet M11 3

My New Iroquois Inspired Box Lacrosse Helmet

5 - Published February 23, 2012 by in Custom, Helmets

I recently picked up a beautiful new black and purple M11 Cascade Sports helmet courtesy of the guys over at Cascade, so of course I was excited.  But when I came to find that there were added surprises thrown in, I almost lost it.  I now own one of the best looking box lacrosse helmets on the planet, and I’m not even very talented!  Seems about right.

I went with black simply because it’s de rigeur in box to wear a black helmet.  4 of 9 NLL teams agree, and that’s almost 50%.  Good enough for me, as I’m a majority rules kind of guy.  Not really, but it’s a great excuse.

cascade m11 hockey helmet

Basic, black, beautiful.

The purple accents were requested as a little nod to the Creator’s Game, and the Iroquois Nationals.  I could never play for them (I’ll simply never be good, or Native, enough) but I love supporting the original gangsters of the game.  So color me impressed when I got some complimentary helmet stickers from the guys down in Wesley Chapel, FL, ZimaGear.  They brought a little bit of yellow into the helmet, added in some more white for contrast and even found a unique place to tuck a custom yellow and purple logo.

Basically, it made my week.  And now, without further delay, my beautiful new box helmet.

Cascade Sports box Lacrosse helmet M11 3


Cascade Sports box Lacrosse helmet M11 3

Yeah. In love.

Cascade Sports box Lacrosse helmet M11 3

What have we here? SICKNESS!

The silver chrome OTNY/STX mask only makes it sweeter.

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