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Warrior recently released their newest training shoe, the Bushido, in January. As some of you who follow me on the Ol’ Tweetster may know, I was able to get my hands on a pair from Warrior and have been testing and reviewing them to see how they compete against bigger named brands and other training shoes on the market. In making the test and review process as in-depth as possible, I contacted Chris Davis from Warrior Lacrosse to find about more about the Bushidos and what went in to their creation. Chris filled us in on what went down behind the scenes and let us in on some of their newer projects as well.

White with Black & Teal

Would you tell us a little about the “Tech-life” line at Warrior?

The “tech-life” line at Warrior is essentially a fusion between high performance and lifestyle product. The goal of these shoes is to create top-tier, performance driven footwear while simultaneously implementing a lifestyle look. Our tech life line can appear as a lifestyle shoe on-shelf, however showcase advanced features such as high abrasion traction zones and ultra lightweight materials. In Dick’s Sporting Goods the Bushido is located in the training section, but at Finish Line it is in the lifestyle section. The Bushido basically brings you the best of both worlds as a product that you can kick around in all day for lifestyle needs, but also work out hard in the gym…

The Bushido, which was our first tech-life product is currently the official training shoe of the world champion Boston Bruins and will be an official training product for Liverpool Football Club, the 4th most popular club in the world. Additionally, our tech-life line has been wear tested by lacrosse Player’s Club members Paul Rabil, Matt Danowski, Ken Clausen, Stephen Berger and Kyle Hartzell and NHL athletes such as Zetterberg, Kovalchuk and Charra.

The Bushidos are the newest (and freshest) of the Warrior training shoes. What improvements did Warrior make from previous training shoes to elevate this one to the next level?

The new Bushidos are the first, of many future, tech life products. We created this new strategy in order to be more authentic to Warrior as a brand. Warrior stands for high performance product, but we have always had an outlaw sense of lifestyle and flare in our equipment. With footwear, we wanted to be authentic to what Warrior represented, but also provide the athlete with a product he could rep in performance and lifestyle situations.

In direct comparison to our previous products the Bushido is lighter, provides more stability, has a much cleaner look and was fully inspired by the current Warrior consumer.

White with Black & Silver

Was there any sort of inspiration or major ideas behind the designing and testing of the Bushidos?

The inspiration behind the Bushido came from several different sources. The main being lacrosse and hockey athletes all over the United States and Canada. As much as we wanted to be authentic to the brand, we want to be authentic to our athletes. We wanted to provide them with a lightweight product, that had both stability and style. From a shoe standpoint, the Bushido is a blend between a low top basketball shoe and a speed tennis shoe. It is 5/8th cut which is lighter weight than a high top but has more support than a low cut shoe. The sole unit is made out of a material that we like to call Turf Bone. It is raised herringbone (rubber on the sole of basketball shoes) to provide exceptional traction on a court, gym or turf.

When you’re competing against shoe companies like Nike and Under Armour, how do you make your shoe stand out and get noticed?

To compete against the big boys we have to be authentic to what we stand for. We will never try to be Nike or UA, but we will try to make the lightest weight, freshest looking product that can be worn in all facets of life. Providing athletes with the means to dominate, is our corporate slogan. This is no different for our footwear line.

Your website is featuring the ‘Warrior Football’ banner. With the knowledge of Warrior’s sponsorship of Liverpool FC back in April and your mention above about them training in the Bushidos, I’d think it’s fair to say that it’s in relation to soccer. But the timing of it and the American in me says it may be American football. Are you able to give us any hints on that?

Yup, it’s Warrior International Football – as in soccer. Even though Mark Ingram wore our cleats this year, this is referring to our entrance into the soccer market. More focused on the badass european players.


Awesome interview! Thank you for your time Chris, keep up the great work. Looking for a little more background on the Bushido? Check out the press release from January below.


Warren, Michigan (January 2012) – For Spring 2012, Warrior Sports introduces the Bushido, a lifestyle inspired performance shoe designed to meet the training demands of the world’s best athletes. Featuring a high abrasion, raised herringbone outsole (turf bone) and a dual density midsole, the Bushido is ideal for multilateral speed movements and up-tempo weight training.  Weighing in at less than 10.4 oz, the Bushido is a lightweight 5/8th cut stability training product.

The Bushido is the official training shoe of the World Champion Boston Bruins and for professional hockey standouts Zdeno Chara, Henrik Zetterberg and Illya Kovalchuk as well as professional lacrosse stars Paul Rabil and Matt Danowski.

The Bushido launches in four color ways for January 2012: white/yellow/black/blue, white/black/red, white/black/blue and white/black. The suggested MSRP is $80.

Available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Finish Line,, and lacrosse and hockey specialty stores nationwide.

About Warrior
Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, Warrior is recognized as a premier manufacturer of innovative, cutting-edge, high performance and lifestyle footwear and apparel for lacrosse and hockey athletes.  For more information please visit