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If I Owned an MLL Team: Justin Lee

2 - Published July 9, 2012 by in Equipment, Uniforms

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our new Summer Series of posts, If I Owned An MLL Team, where LAS readers and writers alike will create hypothetical franchises in Major League Lacrosse. Some posts will cover a specific aspect of creating a franchise, while others will lay out the full plan in one fell swoop.

The next post in the series comes from Justin Lee. He lays out his team’s location and gear in one post. Let’s get professional with Justin.

If I were to create my hypothetical MLL team, I’d create it in my hometown Virginia Beach, VA.  Virginia has no top level professional sport franchises, and only minor league teams (Norfolk Admirals-AHL, Norfolk Tides-Baseball, etc).  Also, Virginia has quite a few good college lacrosse teams that are consistently ranked nationally in their Division ( UVA-D1, Roanoke  and Lynchburg D-3… JMU if you want to include club), but other than that, it’s really the furthest lacrosse goes in Virginia. A pro team is just what the state needs!

Then I chose Virginia Beach because it’s a tourist hot spot, there are multiple beaches around, and lacrosse is truly growing in this area. It would be ideal for a Summer season. For the stadium, I would use the Virginia Beach Sportsplex.  The MLL has used the Sportsplex a few times in the past eight years to host games. I remember attending a game when I was younger and it was awesome!

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Welcome to Virginia Beach!

The stadium offers field turf and the area around the Sportsplex is the perfect place for lacrosse.  Right next door is the Field House, an indoor building that houses six turf multi-use fields, eight indoor basketball/volleyball courts, along with a little kid play area. Then, across the street is the Princess Anne Athletic Complex, and that houses seven natural grass fields, and eight baseball and softball diamonds.

Right next door to that is the Virginia Beach Farm Bureau Live, which is Virginia Beach’s concert area.  It is the perfect area for drawing in large crowds, and fits great for a professional lacrosse team. I would name my team, the Virginia Beach Fleet (VB Fleet). I named it the Fleet because Virginia Beach is a huge military area. There are naval bases all around, and jets flying over head nearly every day in the summer time.

It’s a great chance to honor the men and women that serve and hopefully draw in some additional fans! Always good to strike a chord with the locals!

To The Gear!

The color scheme is going to be red, white, and black.  I was going to choose red, white, blue, and grey, but the Cannons already have that scheme. Instead, I went from scratch, but I stayed with the red and white idea as you can see.

The Gloves

The gloves are the Brine King 3’s.  The home gloves are mainly white, with a black secondary color, and red King heads in the black.  There are white vents in the gloves and the red King head on the center vent.  The player’s last name is in white, and the number is in red.

Home Gloves

The away gloves are mainly black, with a white secondary color and red King heads  in the white.  There are white vents, and a red King head on the center vent.  There is no last name, but the number is in red.

Away Gloves

The Uniforms

I will admit that the uniforms look similar to the New Jersey Pride, but if I had been able to add a few more things to the design, it wouldn’t resemble the Pride at all. That said, the home uniforms are the white, while the away are the black uniforms.

Home Unis

Away Unis

The Helmets

For helmets I went with the Cascade Pro7’s. I made both a home and an away helmet.  The home helmet features a black shell, black chin, red visor, and white vent decals, along with a black chinstrap.

Home Domes

The away helmet is quite the opposite. It features a white shell, red chin, black visor, and red vent decals, along with a black chinstrap.

Away Helmets

As for the heads, I chose the Evolution 3.  I feel like it’s a great head as I have used it in the past.  It was very light, flexible at times, but also sturdy. The Evo 3 would be the perfect weapon of choice for the Fleet to capture the Steinfeld Cup!

The Spoons

All right, you’ve seen Justin’s ideal MLL team. He’s sticking to the hotbeds of our nation… Now we want to see YOURS!

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