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If I Owned An MLL Team: Gear Edition

0 - Published June 7, 2012 by in Gloves, Helmets, Uniforms

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our new Summer Series of posts, If I Owned An MLL Team, where different people will create a hypothetical franchise in Major League Lacrosse. Some posts will cover one aspect of creating a franchise, while others will lay out the full plan in one fell swoop.

The first post in the Series came from Connor Wilson, where he picked his team’s location and name. Now it’s on to the gear… helmets, gloves, uniforms and a custom head. Let’s get professional with CW.


In my first post, I decided on locating my MLL team in Brooklyn, and our team name would be the Union. I go into a lot more detail on how this could happen, and why I chose the name I did in my earlier post.

I went with history for the name, and would love to do the same with our team colors and gear, but Brooklyn’s traditional colors of blue and gold are already being used by an MLL franchise: the Charlotte Hounds. This means I’ve got start from scratch.

I still like the idea of bringing history into our team and I can’t think of a much more visible way to honor the Native Americans and the Creator, than by using Purple, Gold and Black (with some white thrown in) as my franchise’s colors. In all the materials we ever hand out, a little blurb would be included about our color scheme, and it would always remind people about the roots of the game. In a melting pot like Brooklyn, I think this cultural nod would be appreciated.

So without further delay, let me unveil the Brooklyn Union’s MLL Uniforms:

The Gloves

MLL team glove warrior

Anyone would wear that any day.

The Helmet

mll team helmet cascade lacrosse

Black face mask? You know it. Cascade logo in Purple? Sounds good.

The Uniforms

mll team uniform

It's a start anyway...


mll team short

Keeping it simple, but loud.

 Lacrosse Head Of Choice

mll team head

Or maybe YELLOW with black and a purple logo? Either way...

The color scheme definitely works. The Iroquois Nationals are always some of the best dressed, and the Lakers make this color scheme fly in LA. Minnesota in the NFL just never uses enough yellow, but that’s their fault. It’s a great palette. The team could do Yellow uniforms at home, and black on the road. And then use purple for special games, or the playoffs.

The black helmets and gloves would go with anything, and when it comes to having a logo, I’d love to see something circular, that resembles a Union Seal, but incorporates our franchise’s core beliefs, along with the guiding principles of lacrosse. It’s not flashy (the yellow takes care of that!), or over the top, but it’s just audacious enough to get people interested.

Think you can do better outfitting an MLL team or coming up with one from scratch? Email your submissions in to and we’ll post the best ones all Summer long.

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