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If I Owned An MLL Team: Enrique Rodriguez

7 - Published June 20, 2012 by in Gloves, Helmets, Uniforms

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our new Summer Series of posts, If I Owned An MLL Team, where LAS readers and writers alike will create hypothetical franchises in Major League Lacrosse. Some posts will cover a specific aspect of creating a franchise, while others will lay out the full plan in one fell swoop.

The next post in the series comes from Enrique Rodriguez. He lays out his team’s location and gear in one post. Let’s get professional with Enrique.

I live in Colorado, the official lax nation of the USA, but I would not move the Denver Outlaws – they are doing great (as always). I would, however, create a new team in Seattle, Washington.

Seattle Skyline

The Washington Stealth are the only professional team the Great State of Washington has right now. We could lax it up outside at the University of  Washington (Go Huskies), and this would even be a great location for the MLL playoffs.

The team will be going back in time when it comes to uniforms, and we’ll be wearing the colors of the once great Seattle Supersonic basketball team, which was moved to Oklahoma City. For an alternate, because we will be in Seattle, they will also have purple and gold gear to support the University of Washington. We will call this team the Seattle Stars!

The Gloves

Now the part we have all been waiting for… the gear! There will be two types of gloves, our every game pair and then alternate as well. These lacrosse gloves will both be Brine King III’s. Our main pair will have a yellow base and green fingers. For the cuffs, the numbers will be white and the player’s last name or nickname will be in black.

The Uniforms

As you can see the gloves have a yellow and green mixture, so why not keep the trend going. Here are the home jerseys, they look a lot like the Supersonics.

Home uniforms

Now for the away uniforms.

Take a look at these two Supersonic’s jerseys and compare them to the mockups. This is the theme we’re going for.

The Helmets

You can’t forget about dome protection. The team will sport Cascade Pro 7 lacrosse helmets to match the uniform’s green and yellow theme.

Home Caps

Away Caps

Home, check. Away, check. What’s left? Oh ya, time for the alternates!

The Alternate Helmet

In honor of the Washington Huskies, we went purple and gold.

The Alternate Gloves

Sticking with the purple and gold, we spiced up these Brine King III lacrosse gloves.

The Alternate Uniforms

We went all out with the purple and gold. You have to pay homage to the Huskies!

That’s the gear the Seattle Stars would be wearing, now for what they’ll be playing with.

The Weapon of Choice

The Stars will sport the Brine Clutch lacrosse head on a Swizzle lacrosse shaft, now they’re ready to go!

This gives me more of a reason to love the great state of Washington for having two professional lacrosse teams ready to go. I was born in Washington and live in Colorado, so now I can have a few teams to root for!

Editor’s Note: Wow, we’ve only seen the two totally different jersey approach once, when the Nationals would wear red and black one week and then white, purple and orange the next. Guys started mixing helmets and gloves in with the wrong set, and then no one knew what was going on. But it might work for us! Don’t think Washington State is the right place? How about Brooklyn?

All right, you’ve seen Enrique’s ideal MLL team. He’s expanding out West… Now we want to see YOURS!


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