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Hydro Graphics Inc. Does it Again

0 - Published February 11, 2013 by in Custom, Equipment, Gear, Helmets, Lax Nation

College football season may have ended a while ago, but the folks over at Hydro Graphics Inc. couldn’t wait to show off their newest creation, and I couldn’t be happier that they did.  Hydro Graphics Inc., based out of Newberg, Oregon, is a company that uses uses cutting edge water transfer printing technology which allows them to decorate plastic, metal, machined goods, glass, wood, etc. with wood grains, chrome, carbon fiber, camouflage, marble, you name it.

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Hydro Graphics Inc. has made a big name for themselves in the helmet world creating custom pieces for big name clients like the University of Oregon football program, Oregon State University Men’s Lacrosse, Michigan State, Notre Dame, TCU, Navy, Army, the Seattle Seahawks, and now Baylor.  Baylor’s buckets for next season will be brilliant, all gold shells with gold face masks.  The helmets are gorgeous and they have me excited to see what Hydro Graphics Inc. has in store for this upcoming lacrosse season.