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How Lacrosse Advertising Is Changing: Easton Lacrosse – The Mill

4 - Published May 15, 2012 by in Gear

Easton Lacrosse released a new video on Youtube yesterday called The Mill.  The 3 minute video features Brett Queener, an old dilapidated building in the woods, a winery enthusiast, a real estate agent, and a whole lot of wall ball… there are also plenty of stirring cinematic shots that underscore the duality of nature and industry, often featuring man at their pivot point.

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Ok, maybe you’re not with me on the last point, but that’s certainly the vibe I got.

Basically, it’s a thinker’s advertising spot.  The Easton Lacrosse logo isn’t smattered all over the place, and Brett’s face can barely even be seen at most times.  It’s not about flashy cut aways or impossibility.  There are no “big hits” or sidearm snipes, and there are no girls in bikinis anywhere.  Nope, not one.

I’m not even sure if Brett is using an Easton head or lacrosse ball.  The shaft is definitely Easton. But I don’t even know if Easton makes lacrosse balls, and you know what?  I don’t even CARE!

easton lacrosse the mill brett queener_2

Maybe I’m just old, and I am starting to appreciate somewhat more thoughtful material more and more.  Or maybe I’m just inspired by (and a little jealous of) Brett Queener’s wall ball skills.  But either way, I liked the spot and it made me want to play lacrosse.  That’s a good thing for Easton. It also made me want to live in a teepee in the woods, but that’s another story, and probably not a bad thing either.

So is lacrosse advertising going through an overhaul?  Will we see more stuff like this, the GTG ad from Maverik, and others?  Or will we see a continuation of “Lacrosse in 2025″ and gear-heavy, pro lax style advertising?

easton lacrosse the mill brett queener_2

I don’t know that one style is superior to the other, although I have my own personal preference.  So what do YOU think?  Will lacrosse advertising see a big change from here on out?  Or is it going to be more mainstream and predictable?

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