Homemade Bamboo Lacrosse Shaft!

0 - Published August 13, 2013 by in Gear

Last week I coached at the JCC Maccabi Games, an international sports competition for Jewish teens, and met a player with an awesome homemade bamboo lacrosse shaft!

Bamboo Lacrosse Stick

Aaron, hailing from San Jose but playing for “Team Mid West Coast” hosted by the Detroit delegation, made this shaft from bamboo he found at his friend’s beach house in Santa Cruz, Calif. After his friend used a saw to cut down a stalk, Aaron measured it, cut it, drilled a hole for a screw and popped a head on to it.

Bamboo Lacrosse Stick

Aaron said it was important to pick out a piece that was as straight as possible, though there is a distinct bend in the middle of his bamboo shaft. He doesn’t mind the bend, however, and is just proud of how the stick came together. While Aaron has used the bamboo stick during some camps and clinics, he usually plays long pole in real games and mostly uses the bamboo stick to throw around with friends. Great custom stick, Aaron!

Bamboo Lacrosse Stick

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