Custom Headwrapz Lacrosse Helmet

Hey Andrew Ratzke, Show Us Your Dome!

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Editor’s note: New series featuring awesome lacrosse helmets? Yes we can! Got a worthy head piece? Just take some photos and Show Us Your Dome! Showing us is easy, just click here to submit your helmet info.

When I got the official Woozle invite I jumped at the chance to pick up a silver Woozle Pro 7 from Joe F. When we got to Tahoe we were blown away to be tasked with sticker’in up some of the nastiest helmets I think the lacrosse world has seen (the flat black Woozle Warrior dome). When the shock of the new helmet wore off (well started too, I think I’m still blown away) I started to think to myself… What do I do with my silver lid?

After scanning some older LAS posts I stumbled across HeadWrapz and had to get one. I wanted to get a little crazy, but didn’t really have an idea for a helmet design of my own. As I scrolled through the options on the Headwrapz website I came across the Digi Camo and remembered a guy we played against in Tahoe who was rocking a Digi Camo lid that was super clean, so I figured I would spice it up a bit by throwing everyone’s favorite colors into the mix (that’s right Woozle Pink, White and Silver).

Custom Headwrapz Lacrosse Helmet

Custom Headwrapz Lacrosse Helmet

Custom Headwrapz Lacrosse Helmet

The guys over at Headwrapz were super helpful and despite their being in the middle of a move (they’ve exploded so quickly they had to move to a bigger space) my wrap was at the front door in less than three weeks! From what I have heard from people that have looked at or maybe even tried to put on a wrap I was a little afraid mine would bubble out and look a little sloppy, but the install videos that Headwrapz sends you were super helpful. I’m proud to say the “Woozle Warrior” Pro 7 has no bubbles and is ready to be rocked all Fall.

If people weren’t wary before they’ll be very wary now.

Custom Headwrapz Lacrosse Helmet_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

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