Skidmore HeadWrapz lacrosse warrior helmet

HeadWrapz Presents: Skidmore’s Metallic Green Lacrosse Helmets

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Just when you thought the envelope had been pushed as far as it could go, the Lacrosse Helmet Wrapping phenomenon has continued on and transformed yet again.  Let’s make plastic helmets and synthetic stickers look like metal!  Love it.

Skidmore HeadWrapz lacrosse warrior helmet

Love 'em!

Skidmore has been up and down a bit this year but the program is definitely on the upward swing with Jack Sandler (former Bates College player) at the helm.  The NCAA D3 Thoroughbreds play in a tough conference in the Liberty League, and face powers like RIT, RPI, Union and more each season.

Skidmore HeadWrapz lacrosse warrior helmet

The 2 is for Morgan McDuffee, Sandler's former Bates teammate.

Want a little more info on the lids?  Who wouldn’t?!?!

This is another Original from THE Original, HeadWrapz. These metallic Green Skidmore HeadWrapz for the Warrior TII were done by HeadWrapz to bring a little funk to the Thoroughbreds up at Skidmore. This is considered our HW50 – or the HalfWrapz. These were the first metallic Green HWs in the country. Pretty sharp looking, and in the sunlight you can see the subtle horseshoe pattern in the background.

Yup, they ARE sharp looking!

Skidmore HeadWrapz lacrosse warrior helmet

I'd wear one! So shiny.

The HalfWrapz are a great idea for colleges that want to push the envelope a bit without getting into anything too crazy, or having to paint their helmets, which is expensive.  Skidmore took a regular white Warrior helmet (with a custom GREEN face mask), and with a little help from HW, they made it truly special.  Well done all around!

Skidmore HeadWrapz lacrosse warrior helmet

The white top is like a Friar's head! nice contrast.

That is just a great helmet.  Well done to HeadWrapz and Skidmore!

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