LaxAllStars Iphone cover HeadWrapz

HeadWrapz Presents: Hey Miller Place HS, Show Us Your Dome + CONTEST!

4 - Published January 4, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Helmets
LaxAllStars Iphone cover HeadWrapz

Oh yeah, HW does IPhone covers!

The Show Us Your Dome Series continues to roll on, and this week we have a great Long Island High School lacrosse helmet to show off thanks to the guys over at HeadWrapz.  But it doesn’t stop there!

Since HeadWrapz is sponsoring the post, they are also offering up an unreal LAS-themed prize! Check out Miller Place High School‘s 2012 lacrosse helmet below and then see how you can win an extremely hard-to-come-by LAS HW for either a CPRO7 or a CPX-R Cascade dome!!!Miller Place HeadWrapz Lacrosse helmet

Miller Place HeadWrapz Lacrosse helmetMiller Place HeadWrapz Lacrosse helmetSuper Duper Fly!

So now that you’ve checked out Miller Place’s Lax Lid for 2012 (which are only available at Port Jeff Sports on Long Island), it’s time to learn how you can win your own CUSTOM LAS HeadWrapz below!

On to the contest!

LAS HeadWrapz Contest!!!

To win an LAS HeadWrapz for either a CPR07 or CPX-R (both helmets by Cascade) just follow the three simple steps laid out below! Make sure to follow the rules EXACTLY in order to win.

1) LIKE and then COMMENT (while TAGGING on HeadWrapz page on Facebook! You must be a fan of HW on the bookface to be eligible to win!

2) Tell your friends to LIKE the HeadWrapz page on Facebook. Every time HW gets another 50 fans, we give away another LAS Wrap!  We start at 5,130 fans!  Once HeadWrapz gets to 5,180 fans, we give away another LAS HW!

3) Comment on this post (below) and instead of telling us what you would do for a Klondike bar, tell us what you would do for a LAS HeadWrapz! These things are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

LAs Head Wrapz custom lacrosse lax 

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