Has Chrome Gone WAY Too Far?

1 - Published February 14, 2012 by in Gear, Random Stuff

When chrome first came out on lacrosse sticks, I was definitely a fan of the idea.  I had my doubts about the durability of the chrome at first, but as the manufacturers tweaked their processes, the product improved, and it seemed like it was here to stay.  A chrome head on the field was a rarity only a short time ago, then they were everywhere, and now we’ve settled down somewhere in the middle.  The Lama would be proud.

In New Orleans I probably saw a grant total of 8 chrome pieces of lacrosse equipment… 1 women’s head (which had been dyed), 1 men’s head (that had been dyed) a couple of colored chrome heads, and one all silver chrome helmet.  I’d say there were about twice as many dyed heads as chrome.  But that doesn’t mean the chrome trend is over.  In fact, we might only be getting started.


Who wants a pretzel?

The website Trendland recently posted about chroming out your food.  Yes, your food.  It seems crazy, right?  But it could also be cool, as long as the foodies follow some basic rules that we’ve already learned.  Lacrosse gear heads sharing best practices with home cooks and chefs… it’s a little bizarre.  But then again, so is a shiny banana.


Would you eat that? I might. Looks like a capon.

To the rules!

1) Chrome the right thing.  Chrome helmet?  Cool.  Chrome head?  Cool.  Chrome shoulder pads?  Overkill.  The same would go for food.  Chrome the turkey?  Why not?  Chrome the mashed potatoes?  What, are you crazy?  Think center piece, not accessory.

2) Too much chrome is a bad thing.  I love the ALL chrome helmet look, but it’s about as far as I can go with chrome.  Don’t rock one of those with a chrome head, shiny shaft and silver pads.  You’d just look like a futuristic space knight.  And the same goes with food.  If you’re going to chrome the main course, or a starter, don’t chrome the desert.  It’s hard to show restraint, but trust us, it’s worth it.

3) Get artistic, not addicted.  Once the initial craze died down, people started to experiment with the next level of chrome, and they came up with some pretty cool results.  A silver chrome head could be dyed, and the level of shine went down the darker the dye.  Instead of getting an all chrome helmet, teams got chrome face masks or chin pieces.  Manufacturers even began to combine chrome with matte or fade from one color to another, to truly come full circle.  So the key here is to NOT just chrome everything, but to find select places where one can be creative.  The results will be much more stunning.

Nothing too groundbreaking here, but we’ve seen our own community get caught up in the craze, so we thought we might be able to help all those food obsessed people out there deal with the oncoming wave of shiny cookies.


Golden apples make me a little nervous actually.

All photos courtesy Trendland.  Big thanks to Matt S for sending this in!!!!  Very funny, and yes, right up our alley.