Grand Island, Show Us Your Lacrosse Gear!

1 - Published May 31, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gear, Gloves, Helmets

The Grand Island Vikings out of New York stop by Sweet Sweet Lax to not only show us their domes, but the rest of their gear as well! The Vikings may have only gone 3-13 on the season, but New York is about as tough as it gets and they sure looked good playing. Keep fighting, gentlemen!

Grand Island lacrosse in Action

Pass the rock!

On to the gear! Grand Island rocked all white Pro 7’s with Viking horns and blue back and chin decals.

Grand Island Lacrosse Side of the Helmet Cascade

Viking Pride.

The back of the helmet gives you a better look at the Grand Island sticker and wait… there is a GTG sticker as well!

Back of the Helmet

GTG baby!

As the title of this post is Show Us Your Lacrosse Gear and not just Your Dome, the Vikings obviously have more to show off. Check out the custom Maverik Rome gloves used by Grand Island this year.


We love the Vikings mascot on the cuff.

How about another view?

Back of Gloves

So fresh and so clean clean.

This post wouldn’t be complete some action shots of the gear:

Grand Island in Action

The away blues for the Vikings.

Last, but certainly not least…

Grand Island in Action

The home whites.

Looking good Vikings! Want to be featured in the Show Us Your Dome Series? Send us YOUR TEAM’S sweet sweet gear! Drop some photos and information on YOUR team via the LAS Tipline!


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