Golden State Titans 2012 Fit

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Over the summer I had the pleasure of coaching a camp in Sacramento with Golden State Lacrosse, a company directed by friends of LAS, Eric Martin and Chris Rotelli. Rotelli won the Tewaaraton Trophy in 2003, the first year I watched the NCAA Finals on TV, so coaching with him was especially cool for me given he was probably the first lacrosse name I ever recognized and a huge influence on my choosing to make lacrosse my primary (only) sport. And Eric Martin is straight terrifying, so it’s nice to see defense being taught by a defenseman who legitimately scares me, even if he is the nicest guy on the planet.

Golden State Lacrosse is doing great things for lacrosse here in California. Mikie Schlosser, one of my favorite former high school players and a kid we’re going to see incredible things from in the D1 world at Michigan is still a part of their travel team and he has nothing but good things to say about it. In fact, he showed me this video from one of their practices that I thought was pretty impressive:

Here are some photos of the gear their 2012 players will be rocking. They already hardly lose, and they’re gonna be tough to beat in this swag:

Golden State Titans

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