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Georgetown Severs Ties With Adidas Over Worker Severance

0 - Published January 16, 2013 by in Gear

Vox Populi, the self-purported Georgetown “blog of record since 1969“, is reporting that the Hoyas will end their licensing agreement with Adidas over the brand with three stripes’ failure to pay court mandated severance to 2800 workers at a plant in Indonesia, which has closed. The plant produced products for Adidas, Nike, and the Dallas Cowboys. Both Nike and the Cowboys paid the severance, but according to Vox Populi, Adidas has (so far) said that it is not their policy to pay severance.

Georgetown cited their Code of Conduct for Licensees, and their concerns over the treatment of workers, as reasons for severing ties with Adidas, at least until the company pays the severance money. Workers at the plant were making $.60 per hour, and Adidas was ordered to pay $1.8M in severance. That works out to around $650 per employee.

With this move in place, one has to wonder if Notre Dame, and other Adidas schools will make similar moves. Again, according to VP, for Georgetown, it came down to their code, but also to activism on campus. If more schools jump ship, will Adidas pay the severance, and change their policy?

As you can see in the photo above, this doesn’t have an impact on the lacrosse team at Gtown, or their other sports, as they are all Nike’d out, and Nike paid the severance. Adidas was a Licensee, which means they could produce apparel (like the T-shirt pictured at the top of the post), but weren’t outfitting teams.

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