Gear Showcase: Top Ched Lax

0 - Published July 25, 2013 by in Apparel, Gear

Hey Sweet Sweet Laxers,

Top Ched Lax is an up and coming apparel company with some fresh apparel available for purchase right now. They are all about ripping high cheese and showing everyone you can place the rock wherever you want to. They were nice enough to send me one of their “Merica” shirts (pictured below) as well as a tank top.

They put their ethic best in their own words:

Everybody knows both fans, players, and the world, desire a crispy slice of high quality cheddar. A goal scored ripping the net along top pipe ignites a fire in the belly of teammates and is an unmatched sensation. However there are certain specifications which qualify as ‘top cheddar’. Not all goals are the high quality sharp ched. It’s a science, a talent, and a gift. Be bold, take home the gold.”

Borrowed From

Borrowed From

This shirt has encompassed the three best things in the world in my opinion, “Merica”, Lacrosse, and top ched. What more could you possibly want on your shirt? Nothing, that’s what.

I wore this shirt around town and to summer league one day and it felt great. I will be ordering myself some more of their products very soon I think.

The other top seller for Top Ched Lax is their High Cheese Tank. This tank is another personal favorite because I have been describing shots as top ched, or high cheese, ever since I was in high school. And now, thanks to these nice fellas, I have this tank as well. It’s quickly become a staple of my wardrobe.

Borrowed from

Borrowed from

Head on over to their website and grab some of this sweet gear before someone else does! Top Ched Lax.