The Zipboard

Gear Showcase: The Zipboard

1 - Published November 8, 2012 by in Lax Nation

Gear Showcase

Product: Lacrosse Zipboard
Company: Zipboard
Price: $29.99

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve allocated more and more of my playing time, to coaching time. I also slowly transitioned into saving for new coaching gear instead of the hottest new pads or sticks (well, usually…). Recently I came across a fancy new whiteboard that has the potential to put the traditional whiteboards on notice.

After a couple emails and phone calls, Rob Budryk, President of Zipboard, Inc., was nice enough to send a couple over for us to check out and we knew right away, that this would be a great item for our next Gear Showcase.

The Zipboard

Nicely tucked away.

The Zipboard has a simple, classic look, but yet a very rugged design. Whether you clip it on your belt with the optional accessories, or just leave it as a tube, the Zipboard is one tough piece of equipment. Let’s start out with the most obvious part of it, the design.

The Zipboard comes in the shape of a tube, as mentioned above. To access the whiteboard, you simply slide it out until it clicks and is then secure for you to write on or draw up the game-winning play. After you are done, simply click the button on the backside of the tube and the board will slide back into the tube until next time.

Considering lacrosse is played during the snowy and rainy months for most of us, this is one of the biggest benefits in my opinion. Whenever we have a rain game, I’m always annoyed to find that I am unable to write on the whiteboard, and a plastic bag can be a nuisance to deal with. I really enjoy the retractable feature of the Zipboard for that reason, although some sort of cloth material to dry of the board/erase it as it retracts could also be a really cool addition.

The Zipboard

The whiteboard, fully extended and ready for your next big play.

As you may have noticed in the above picture, the marker is sticking out of the tube. This is probably one of my favorite features of the Zipboard – the marker stows away into the tube as well. Whenever you want to use it, simply click the marker in to release it. When you are done, just put it back into its slot and click it back in to the tube. It even comes with a little eraser pad on the end of it.

The Zipboard

Nifty little storage spot for marker.

The biggest inconvenience I’ve come across with the Zipboard is its rigidity. As you could probably expect with its ability to be rolled up inside the tube, the actual writing surface of the Zipboard is not nearly as stiff as your typical whiteboard, which really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. It is held out nicely by metal strips similar to a tape measure (blue strips above/below whiteboard in picture below), but the actual writing surface flexes in and out a little as you write.

Unless you are passionately stabbing the board with the marker to emphasize where a shot should be taken, this should only remain a minor inconvenience.

The Zipboard

The Zipboard is ready for action!

At the end of the day, this is a sweet new look on whiteboards. I will definitely be using one of these bad boys come spring time for the local high school team I coach. Check out the lacrosse Zipboard and Zipboards for other sports over at

Editor’s Note: Since this isn’t your typical piece of gear, we didn’t want to use our traditional 10-point scale. Occasionally we will come across products like that which are hard to rate, at the time, we will include it in our Gear Showcase series. Please know that just because it doesn’t have a 10-point rating, doesn’t mean we haven’t thoroughly checked it out. Enjoy!

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