Gear Showcase: Rip It! Goal by Rukket

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Editor’s Note: Since this isn’t your typical piece of gear, we didn’t want to use our traditional 10-point scale. Occasionally we will come across products like that which are hard to rate, at the time, we will include it in our Gear Showcase series. Please know that just because it doesn’t have a 10-point rating, doesn’t mean we haven’t thoroughly checked it out. Enjoy!

One of my favorite things about being able to do Gear Reviews and Gear Showcases has very little to do with checking out the hottest new gear from the biggest manufacturers in the sport, it is actually almost the complete opposite – checking out new gear ideas from other passionate lacrosse players who are just trying to make a footprint in the industry. Sometimes they are pretty quirky, and sometimes they are actually quite ingenious or even just something that has been long overdue.

A couple weeks ago, Adam Bencan of Rukket dropped a note into our tipline about their lacrosse goal, the Rip It!. Rukket has been making pop-up sports equipment for golf and soccer since 2012. A little over a year ago, they dove into the lacrosse market and put together a lacrosse practice net that is the 4′ x 4′ indoor regulation size, easily collapsible, and can go just about anywhere to use.

Rukket Rip It! Goal

(Photo from

Since I received one from Rukket, I’ve been using it in several different applications. While Mark and Michael would’ve loved to set this bad boy up in the office, I knew Jeff wouldn’t be too fond of that so I tucked it under my arm and headed for the hills… or my home. In all seriousness though, this could definitely be an office goal, but we’ll get to that later.

The first time you unpack the Rip It! goal, you do need to assemble it, at least as much assembly as sliding four fiberglass rods and two steel corners together requires. From unpackaging to shooting took about 10 minutes, and once it is assembled, it is easily collapsible for when you need to pack it with you.

Rukket Rip It! Goal

All seven of the pieces laid out, instructions optional.

Rukket Rip It! Goal

After sliding the four fiberglass rods into place.

Rukket Rip It! Goal

Fully assembled.

To collapse the goal back down, there is no need to take it apart, simply fold each side down and slide it into the carry pack.

Rukket Rip It! Goal

The Rip It! Goal in its carrying case. (Photo from

Check out the video below to see just how easy it actually is (EN: The video is a little goofy, and we love it!)

After I got the goal all put together, I took it out back for a some one on one time. I wanted to focus on the durability of the components and materials used for the goal. As both a player and a coach, I would gladly invest in something like this, but wouldn’t want to tote around a piece of equipment that won’t make it through a season.

Rukket Rip It! Goal

Ready to go!

For just general dinking around, there is no question this was a lot of fun. I decided not to stake the goal into the ground for this and it didn’t factor too much into my shooting and trying to just mess around with the cage.

After a bit of fun, I buckled up to see what this thing could actually do. I grabbed the stakes from the carrying case and made sure the goal was secure to the ground. I started by just trying to work my way around the outside of the net, to see how both pipe shots and shots right off the pipe would affect the goal. The fiberglass rods have held up really well and what you can’t see by the picture alone, is there is a little bit of padding in the sleeves. This, combined with the flexibility of the rods has made for a pretty durable piece of equipment.

Next I tried to turn up the heat (see my best attempt at Mike Sawyer) and started going for the corners and seams. For as thin looking a material as the net is, the overall flexibility of the goal helps to dampen the force of the shots – which compensates for the mesh not being super heavy duty. While I’m no Mike Sawyer, I’d like to think I have a pretty decent shot and I was pleasantly surprised with how well the goal performed.

Rukket Rip It! Goal

Close-up of the crossbar.

Rukket Rip It! Goal

No damage to the corners or seams, yet.

Rukket Rip It! Goal

Back of the net. If the ground is too hard for stakes, you can load this area up with weight.

The Rip It! Goal is definitely a great piece of equipment to have at your disposal. It’s fun, it’s practical, and as box players are proof of, shooting on a 4′ x 4′ goal WILL improve your accuracy.

Outside of personal usage though, I can definitely see myself bringing this to a practice to have my players shoot on it once and a while, or even just organize a variation of 3x Lacrosse.

Rukket Rip It! Goal

Find out more about the Rukket Rip It! goal at and pick your own goal up here. 

As an added bonus, use the discount code ‘LAX’ to receive 15% off the listed price!

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