Gear Showcase: FOGO Plug

1 - Published February 19, 2013 by in Gear, Stick Tech

Gear Showcase

Product: FOGO Plug
Company: Larry and Brandon Hastings
Price: $20
PURCHASE INFO: Email Larry Hastings at

Last year, we were the first to bring you Larry Hastings’ Lax Pro Stringer and it has been quite the hit in The Lacrosse Shop. Earlier this fall, Larry sent over his newest creation, the FOGO plug. We didn’t want to race and throw together a quick post on it, so we spent a little extra time checking it out and seeing how it actually worked.


The FOGO plug is actually a really crafty idea. Until recently, I was a loyal member of the Proton Family and therefore felt all the pains of having a pinched stick – especially when I took face-offs throughout college and in the hot Boise sun during the summer.

I was always got stuck using a pickle jar or softball because for the most part, they were free and easy to come by. When Larry sent over the FOGO plug, I was excited to see what his new offering would be able to do for my old pinched and warped Super Power. My very first impression of the plug was that it reminded me of an oversized bathtub plug.


I immediately put it to work with my old STX Super Power. This thing has seen better days and tells the tale of many face-offs, poke checks and groundballs. If you take a look at the comparison below, you can see that the plug definitely pushes the sidewalls of the head out.

Throughout the fall and winter, I would take some mock face-offs, or use the stick in the gym to get it pinched. When I was done, I would throw the plug in and let it sit for a few minutes before taking it out. Each time, the head would return to a wider width. I was mostly impressed because the head I was using. The Protons tend to have a natural pinch to them even when they are fresh off store shelves. After time, this just compounds the pinching that occurs with gameplay and makes it even worse.

While I have since switched to a wider head, if the college rules were in place for Men’s ball, I would definitely consider picking one of these up for myself. The FOGO Plug is definitely a life saver when you’re in a pinch. Yup, that happened.

Even just today, while taking photos and messing around with them in Photoshop, the plug sat in the head for probably 10 minutes. Upon popping out the FOGO plug, it was noticeably wider.


Overall, the FOGO Plug is a solid product and other great example of someone finding a simple solution for a problem most every lacrosse player faces. While this isn’t an end-all, be-all for resolving your issues with an overly pinched or warped head, this will definitely get you through a game if your head is borderline illegal.

Editor’s Note: Since this isn’t your typical piece of gear, we didn’t want to use our traditional 10-point scale. Occasionally we will come across products like that which are hard to rate, at the time, we will include it in our Gear Showcase series. Please know that just because it doesn’t have a 10-point rating, doesn’t mean we haven’t thoroughly checked it out. Enjoy!

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