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Gear Showcase: ChilLax Customs Mesh Is Seriously Serious

0 - Published November 28, 2012 by in Dye Jobs, Stick Tech, String Jobs

Gear Showcase

Product: ChilLax Customs
Company: Waxed & Dyed Mesh
Price: variable depending on custom work.

Back on Novermber 20th I asked, Is This Mesh SERIOUS? when referring to a piece of ChilLax Customs waxed and dyed mesh. Now, only one week later I am back to say that yes indeed, the ChilLax Customs mesh is serious.

chilLax customs mesh

Nick Coyne sent me two piece of his new waxed mesh to try out, and even though I am pretty picky about my mesh products, I definitely like this stuff, and it’s not just because of the beautiful colors and patterns, although that is a nice added benefit.

chillax customs lacrosse mesh usa neon

When it comes down to it, the mesh also performs. I did my usual thing with the mesh, stretched it out, soaked it in hot water, gave it a good rub down… and then I strung up some older STX heads I had laying about. An X2 got the neon triangle mesh and an old Proton Power got the USA mesh. Then it was out, and into the rain, to play some wall ball.

The video says you be the judge, but here, I will be the judge. I judge this stuff to be awesome. The pocket didn’t bag out, it threw consistently even when everything else was soaked and I didn’t develop a hitch in my motion. For a mesh trying to keep you balling in wet conditions, it passes the test beautifully. I also played with it in dry conditions today, and it’s just fine!

The wax is not over the top on Nick’s creations, and when I soaked it in hot water, I was able to get more to come off after a while, which is just how I like it. I do this to MarcMesh, I do it to ECM and I do it to Throne Mesh. I ended up with a soft, but structured piece of mesh that didn’t bag. I can feel the ball in there nicely and was able to string both a channel pocket (in the X2) and a box style pocket (the Proton Power) with ease.

To give you a little more info on ChilLax Customs, I sat down with Nick Coyne to learn a little bit more:

Why did you start ChilLax Customs? What was your motivation originally?

When I started coaching 7/8th graders a year ago, a lot of kids needed to have their sticks re-strung. Because I had quite a bit of stringing experience, I took it upon myself to order a bunch of mesh and stringing supplies. I knew after I had strung the first few heads, word of mouth would spread.

Now, at this time I had no idea about waxed mesh, MarcMesh, etc. But after seeing all this hype and coverage over it, I did some research and began experimenting myself, and figured it was a great business opportunity doing something I love! …And here we are today.

You called out to some other mesh companies in your first video as a tribute, which we think is honest, and excellent. Are you surprised by the number of mesh companies out there?

Honestly, I do not know how many other companies are out there, so I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m more excited about the growth of the market and the game itself!

What is special about your product, other than the super clean lines for the dye work?

What we offer is 100% one-on-one interaction with the customer, specifically for full control and customization for your finished product. The mesh is specially treated to be water-proof, and provide quick, game ready break in time. The designs and ideas are fresh and innovative, which I attribute to my artistic side as well as my youth.

Where can people pick up your mesh?

I am currently in the works of making a website. It should be up within a week or so after Thanksgiving! In the time being, we have a Facebook page where you can currently send a private message as well as our youtube channel ChilLAX Custom Dyes. You can also email us at Be sure to stay tuned for some giveaways and new products!

What is your favorite head of all time? What are you using now?

I have used every Proton head that STX has produced (Proton, Proton power, and Super Power) and have always been more than pleased with their performance. My favorite head of all time would have to be the Super Power based on its flex to strength ratio, as well as its narrow face for ball retention. With that being said, the Super Power is what I am using now. I have not played with many other brands, but then again, the STX Proton line has never given me a reason to otherwise.

How would you describe your ideal pocket? What pocket do you recommend for beginners?

I would have to say a mid to mid-high pocket is ideal for me. I set my stick up where I can crank a nasty underhand, but still able to get a quick feed off. It has a great hold with very little whip. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) I would rate it about a 4. You can check out my game stick in my first video!

For a beginner, I would recommend more of a mid to mid-low pocket.  I say that because when you hold the stick parallel to the ground, the ball likes to naturally sink towards the middle of the pocket/head, putting it in the “sweet spot” for two handed cradling. Meanwhile you still have a nice hold for a one handed cradle because of the shift and transition the mid-low pocket has.

Thanks to Nick for taking some to speak with us and for delivering such a great set of mesh to us. We’re excited to see where ChilLax Customs goes from here!


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