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Gear Review: Scandium Shaft by Brine Lacrosse

0 - Published October 5, 2012 by in Equipment

Product: Scandium Shaft
Company: Brine Lacrosse
Price: $99.99

Brine Scandium: The 2013 Version

I was intrigued when I found out I’d be reviewing the 2013 Brine Scandium shaft. Brine has released many different scandium sticks over the past few years, and I’ve never used any of them. Since they keep coming back, I figured they must be good, though, so I was happy to get the chance to check one out.

To test out the Brine Scandium shaft, I put one of my game-ready college heads from last season on it and used it for my wall ball routine as well as some agility and training drills. Before I got to field testing, though, I used it in my house and in the yard to throw the tennis ball for my dog. After reviewing the Hundy gloves and now this, I think she might be enjoying these gear reviews as much as I am!

Wall ball, the tried and true practice method of lacrosse players everywhere.

Appearance… +2

I think I have another winner in the looks department. This shaft looks so clean with the smooth silver finish, yet boasts great colored graphics that Brine calls “electric.” The combination works really well, and the king logo at the top is a nice touch. And what can I say, I’m a sucker for blue and gold.

The King approves of this shaft’s color way, and doesn’t mind the other options like green and gray.

Grip… +1

According to Brine, the Scandium is “texture free…for a natural grip feel.” Now before I continue, let me just say that this is absolutely true. This shaft reminds me of some of the older, much plainer sticks my coaches often used from their playing days.

When I was using the stick around the house, I wasn’t wearing gloves, and I really liked how it felt. I was a little surprised by this because I am usually very picky about my shafts and prefer a very defined, t-shaped shaft, with deep grooves. I have played with shafts of other shapes, but only when borrowing a stick from a friend or teammate. With that said, when I was really testing this shaft out by playing wall ball, I didn’t get that same feel on the stick through my gloves that I’m used to with a shaft with deep grooves. However, besides my extreme pickiness, I didn’t have any knocks against the Scandium’s grip, and I liked how easily it moved between my gloves due to the smooth finish.

Classic shape and feel for a new shaft.

Weight… +1.5

This stick seemed pretty light, though it may be a little heavier than my current gamer. I tend to go for the lightest sticks I can find, and considering this is an all Scandium shaft, I actually was really impressed with its weight. I also think it can pack a punch and will definitely land some great checks.

Strength/Durability… +1.5

As a scandium shaft, you would expect this stick to be very strong and durable, and the 2013 Brine Scandium doesn’t disappoint. It is very stiff, and I think this shaft could be great for any midfielder as it’s light enough to run both ways and strong enough to land solid checks on defense.

I definitely wouldn’t mind using the Brine Scandium in practice or games.

Value… +1.5

At $99.99, this stick isn’t the most expensive shaft. However, I’m sure Brine would argue that this is one of their more high-end shafts, and based on my experince with it, I’d agree.


The 2013 Brine Scandium shaft is billed as having “lightweight strength” and having a great feel and graphics. For the most part, I would agree with all of those statements. While I don’t think I would buy this shaft simply due to my previously mentioned specificity when it comes to shaft shape, I would gladly use this stick if one of my own wasn’t available and would not hesitate to recommend it to a teammate.

The 2013 Brine Scandium is stick trick approved!


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