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Full Assault Mode For Thailand

8 - Published January 5, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves, Lax Nation, Sections

So, the word on the street is that Thailand might be going top tier sponsorship status for this year with (wait for it)… STX

Nope, they’re not going with who you think they’re going with…

It’s the guys from Baltimore who were tapped on the shoulder to supply this up and coming team (most likely for the next 3 years), and not the boys from Long Island City.

Surprised? (Editor’s Note:  YES!)

I’m sure sometime this month we’ll be hearing more about it in terms of details, agreements, etc., but in the meantime here are the pre-production mock ups of the ENTIRE Assault line for Thailand.

The primary version:

Love the two fingers with red inner lining. SO CUSTOM!

Arm padding is looking really solid too!

And now for the alternate version:

Love the mostly grey with a little black. Creative thinking rules!

These pads strike fear in me and they haven't even been made yet!

It looks like STX is giving them special customization options to work with, just like some of their D1 programs. As you probably know, some of the design combos on the gloves are not available on the STX Customizer. And from what we hear, don’t rule out the “Away gloves” yet either, as LAS’s Laxerfeld suggests in his Winter Fashion Week Post.

It’s interesting that Thailand wants to go with the Grey alternate uniforms, let alone a second set of custom gloves to match it. I guess they’re both going all out this year with their new partnerships, smart moves. In case you missed it, here are their new 2011 uniforms by Pro Athletics:

2011 Thailand's Home and Alternate jerseys pro athletics lacrosse lax

These uniforms are so money. Not even funny.

For a full STX Assault commercial review, by LAX Network resident writer, Muamer Razic go: HERE

For more great Navy/Red/White combo mock-ups go: HERE

thailand lacrosse helmet lax cascade sports singha logo sweet lix laid dome protection

**Credit Coach Tumbas for the Gif animation. The kid inspires us!


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