Frisco Kicks Viper and Koi


1 - Published July 27, 2011 by in Apparel, Kicks, Random Stuff, Threads
I was browsing the internet looking for inspiration for an article today and…. BOOM! These babies punched me right in the face! Frisco Kicks is a company based in the Bay Area of Cali, and the kicks are pretty sick! Mark designs and paints shoes like it is nobody’s business! Check out some of his sweet designs!
Frisco Kicks Viper and Koi

He is a student at UC Santa Cruz, and is obviously extremely talented!

Frisco Kicks Coors and Corona

Coors and Corona!

Check out his website here! He says he can do anything and after seeing a lot of his designs, it is not hard to believe at all!

FriscoKicks SB to SF

SB to SF