Mean and green

Friday Polar Accessorizing

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We get a lot of gear via e-mail here at Sweet Sweet Lax (keep it coming!), and every once in a while we get two e-mails on the same day, each touting new gear that takes a totally different approach to outfitting the team it represents than the other. This is one such instance.


These are the jerseys currently being worn by the WAR Box Lacrosse Club who compete in MABLL Senior B Division. Anger. Fear. Barbed wire. A skull concerned with protecting his exposed noggin.

Mean and green

Dropping swag bombs.


On the other side of the swag-zone, we have St. Edward’s men’s lacrosse program from Austin, Texas. Classic. Simple. Unencumbered. Focus remains on the task at hand.

Back of the shooter

My first college practice shorts were made by Harrow

The lighter side...

...of dark

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