First Look: Hofstra 2013 Gear

1 - Published January 21, 2013 by in Custom, Equipment, Gear, Gloves, Helmets

Big ups to our main man Connor Wilson for this find on Instagram over the weekend. Freshman midfielder Steele Stockstill (talk about a lax name!) sent out the following picture on Instagram the other night.

I spy, with my laxy eye, two very custom Warrior TIIs, Warrior Burn gloves, Warrior MacDaddy IV gloves, and one pair that we can not just make out, Warrior Riots perhaps?

Hofstra Pride Lacrosse Gear

via Steele Stockstill on Instagram

Wow, wow, wow, that is certainly a care package if we’ve ever seen one. Maybe it’s just that blue and yellow go so well together, but we love Hofstra’s gear each and every year. Well done Pride.

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