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First Look: Stealth Core Head by Easton Lacrosse

2 - Published June 27, 2012 by in Gear, Stick Tech

Editor’s Note: Images of the BRAND NEW Easton Stealth Core Head are starting to surface online, but other than some photos of the unstrung head, there still isn’t much out there… until LAS came into the picture, anyway!

We will have a FULL review and product giveaway a little further down the line. For now, Connor Wilson shares his “first look” at Easton’s new universal lacrosse head.

I managed to get my hands on the Stealth Core Head a while ago thanks to the guys at Easton Lacrosse (EN: In the interest of full disclosure, Easton is an advertising partner of LAS), and instead of just letting it sit around empty and lonely, I decided to actually use it and test it out. I threw a pocket in there as soon as I received it and got to work.

easton lacrosse new head launch stealth core

Hey beautiful.

The Stealth Core was incredibly easy to string. There are more top lace and sidewall holes than I will ever know what to do with, and with this approach of hole-ification, Easton has guaranteed that any type of pocket can be strung into one of their heads. I didn’t take any pictures of the head with a mesh pocket in it, however, the kinds of mesh pockets I could put into this baby are truly limitless. The Stealth Core is stringer’s dream.

Stringing up a traditional pocket was also a piece of cake. I could start my cross lace from a number of different holes, and my sidewalls could be totally custom and lopsided if I wanted to go that route. The relatively wide placement of the holes for the leathers at the bottom even created a nice channel pocket.

easton lacrosse new head launch core

There's nothing like a fresh set of leathers.

Bottom line, this new Easton head can probably be strung up in more diverse ways than 90% of the other lacrosse heads out there right now. If you’re picky about your pocket and need it to be just right, the Stealth Core could be a great choice for you.

Once I had the head all strung up and dialed in, I wanted to give it a good beating to test its durability. I was able to do this throughout the Spring by coaching two teams, doing some lessons and even playing a bit myself… and the Easton Stealth Core took the beatings with ease. The head hasn’t warped at all, it’s still quite stiff, and I haven’t had to re-lock the screw down at all!

Easton’s original Stealth HS head, and their original Launch head, were clearly used as the basis for this new Stealth Core head, and while the new head and the Launch head may look quite similar at first glance (see below), the difference in head quality from year one to year two is staggering.

easton launch stealth core comparison

The new Stealth Core head is MUCH stiffer than the original Launch head. There is thicker plastic in certain places, thinner plastic in others, and a reworked sidewall design that resulted in a much more solid feel. The yellow rubber piston is now locked into place (as is the screw and nut), and the head just feels much more rough and tumble.

Over the last two months I’ve thrown poke checks, slap checks and more; I’ve picked up GBs on grass, turf and concrete; I’ve even had the Stealth Core head get caught in closing subway doors a couple of times… All the while, this head is still just as good as the first day I got it.

The Stealth Core is legal under NFHS and NCAA rules, and as I mentioned above, it can definitely take a high level beating! Like the other Easton lacrosse heads, the Stealth Core is adjustable, and it really snaps through on a hard shot. It’s a great lax head, destined to be a favorite once it hits the store shelves later this Summer.

The idea of a flexible head has been tried before, but it was never executed that well until Easton Lacrosse came along. It’s clear Easton is sticking with that design and making improvements, and I’m excited to see where it all goes. With the new Stealth Core being such an improvement over last year’s entry product, it makes me even more excited to see Easton’s next generation of padding and helmets. The Stealth Core Head gives me continued high hopes for Easton Lacrosse.

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