Kavu Right Side

First Look: Bellevue High Lacrosse Shorts by KAVU

1 - Published March 12, 2012 by in Apparel, Custom, Threads

Blake Jones, a midfielder for the Bellevue high school men’s lacrosse team, sent us over a few pics of some wild shorts that Bellevue will be wearing for practice (and maybe a game or two?) this season. Check ‘em out!

Kavu Left Side

A look at the left side.

The shorts were designed by the Varsity players on Bellevue High’s lacrosse team with the help of their friends at Kavu (major lax junkies!).

Kavu Right Side

A look at the right side.

In addition to the wild styling of the shorts, KAVU took out the front pockets so their sticks don’t snag up and added a dedicated phone pocket (so you can tweet your goals, obvi!).

Three Kavulleros

Take a look at these three Kavulleros, see what we did there?

Blake informed us that the next step will be for the players to get their coach to let them wear the shorts in a game. What do you say, coach?

Thanks for the submission Blake, and good luck to Bellevue this season!

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