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First Ever Pro Box Lacrosse HeadWrapz: Colorado Mammoth

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Editor’s Note:  Surely you have seen or heard about the new Colorado Mammoth helmets by now.  They are the first pro lacrosse franchise to wear HeadWrapz in a game, and this was the company’s first foray into the pro box lacrosse world.  The helmets got a great reception, looked classy as all get out and definitely have the box lacrosse world talking.  So we thought you’d want to see the lids CLOSE UP and personal, and also learn a little bit more about the method behind the madness!

Head-Wrapz-Mammoth-Colorado NLL helmet Reebok

Looks EVEN BETTER up close!

How did you guys get the chance to do the first NLL team’s HW?  Where did the design guidelines come from?

The Colorado Mammoth reached out to us approximately 3 months ago.  At that time we began the template process, and exploring design concepts.

We worked with the Mammoth on the design and their creative team to make this work. It was truly a collaborative effort.

First Ever Pro Box Lacrosse Head Wrapz: Colorado Mammoth

Big ol' Logo. Love it.

Are we going to see more NLL teams rocking these in coming weeks?

At this time we are not at liberty to discuss that!

NLL Colorado Mammoth Head Wrapz helmet box lacrosse

LOVE the mountains! So cool.

Fair enough!  This is another origination from the HeadWrapz family… how do you guys stay ahead of the curve? Where does all the innovation come from?

We have had a clear vision of where HeadWrapz as a company would go since it’s inception. Customization was a logical next step that we saw for the industry, so we started HeadWrapz with the idea that one person could use our product to express their individuality. We also pay close attention to trends, and what our customers are asking for.

Now that you’ve successfully outfitted an NLL squad with custom HW, is the NHL in your sights?

We have brought on a full time consultant to spearhead our move into the Hockey arena, on all age levels, from youth programs on up.

For YEARS now, the all black box bucket has been the most common helmet on any box lacrosse floor. Is this the end of all that?

We’re not obnoxious enough to claim that we are the end of that, but we do know that we get emails and calls quite often asking when we are going to come out with HeadWrapz for box helmets. We believe that there is a great market for us with the indoor game as well as outdoor.

NLL Colorado Mammoth Head Wrapz helmet box lacrosse

It's a Colorado Beauty.

Are box helmets finally ready to catch up with the custom glove craze?

We hope so, and if that is the case we are ready.

The hockey helmets aren’t quite as rounded and flat as the lacrosse helmets. Do they present unique challenges when designing the HW?

Every helmet is a challenge to some degree, but we’ve been doing this long enough that we are comfortable in creating what the customer wants when we develop our templates. We are also open enough as a company to make changes based on customer feedback.

How hard is it to make sure the panels line up perfectly when you’re designing the HW?

It’s not necessarily hard or easy, it’s just part of the process.

So the panels on the hockey helmets are smaller, and allow more of the helmet to show through. Is there an ideal balance between HW cover and helmet?

Yes, there is an ideal balance and we believe that we find that balance in each template/design that we create.

Do you ever think we will see full wrapz for hockey lids?

If you take a close look at the Reebok K Series helmet done for the Colorado Mammoth you will notice that it is very close to being a full HeadWrapz design. We worked with the team to create a color scheme that was close to the helmet color. This was done to create a more “painted on” look.

NLL Colorado Mammoth Head Wrapz helmet box lacrosse

I'd say Head Wrapz succeeded here!

Do you have HW for a Cascade M11 hockey helmet?

The Cascade M11 is in the templating process as we speak. We at HeadWrapz do not rush anything into the market place. One of the cornerstones of HeadWrapz as a company is quality, and that to us means a few different things.  It means that all the work is done on our end before the customer sees it.  It is not uncommon for a HeadWrapz template to go through multiple revisions before we consider it to be acceptable. That insures that when a customer receives their HeadWrapz product it is precise. No trimming needs to be done, all that needs to be done is to peel and apply.

Thanks for taking some time out to further educate us about the box lacrosse HeadWrapz revolution!  It’s a great looking helmet, and we think you guys are definitely on to something BIG here!

One other cool note:  John Grant Jr scored his 1,000th Career point in this helmet!  That’s pretty cool too!  Congrats to JGJr on the accomplishment!


Congrats go out to Junior!

Great photo of Junior in action courtesy Brad Watson from the Colorado Mammoth site.  Check out the Mammoth’s site to keep up with the team throughout the 2012 NLL season!


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