Adrenaline Movement The LEague tshirt

Exclusive Interview: Adrenaline Confidential – The League

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Adrenaline Movement makes sweet, sweet clothing and lax/sports apparel with a little touch of West Coast flair.  Their gear is classic, cool and pushes the envelope without being over the top or needlessly flashy.  Connor is a big fan of his Gig sweatshirt, and corduroy hat, while Jeff rocks the V-Max Tee regularly, or whenever it’s clean!  So while we have all that stuff on sale in the store, we’ve also got links to Adrenaline’s newest product, The League from Adrenaline Confidential, and an interview with these West Coast casual fashion about their new products, and some photos of the T-shirts on a male model.  So hot right now.

We love their new idea of offering up a new set of products each month, and we look forward to showing this gear off.  We’re even more excited to have Max Ritz, of Adrenaline, stop by to talk about the new run of products, the inspiration behind them, and what we can expect to see from Adrnl moving forward!

What was the overall inspiration for creating a short-run, limited-edition Adrenaline item each month?

We have a super-motivated Creative Director and an equally as creative CEO, both of whom collaborate on new products almost daily. We have the most creative art department in the entire lacrosse industry right now, but we were having a tough time finding channels for new items without cannibalizing the sales of our wholesale catalog. Our ability to consolidate the wholesale offerings and expand into periodic SMU offerings is a result of being flexible and unique. We’re fortunate to be in that position and we know it, we don’t take for granted the luxury of offering new story-based apparel on a regular basis to great retail partners. The creativity will not slow down at Adrenaline…

Adrenaline Movement The LEague tshirt

The League T-shirts are here...

Everyone wants that “softest Tshirt ever” feel. Where does fabric fall in to your design of the shirts?

It’s the number one priority. Again, our Creative Director and CEO worked so hard to find the right sources and partners for this piece of the creation process. Contacts are kept very close to the chest in the sourcing industry, so we’re stoked to have found great partners who source some of the top brands in the country. (No, not lacrosse brands). Our art department has deep roots in the action sports industry, which we can all agree defines lifestyle-sports like lacrosse — The similarities btw true action sports markets and the lacrosse market has allowed this team to dive into lacrosse quickly and effectively. All these things will resonate immediately in our apparel this winter.

Who creates the designs for the shirts? We’d love to hear more about that process from the creative directly!

Ahh cmon. Haven’t you seen the TV commercial campaign for some bean company where the pet Golden Retriever is constantly trying to sell the family recipe?? I don’t want to be the pet dog here… Or do I? What’s your price…?

Adrenaline Movement The LEague tshirt

Such a humble creative!

Do you think city and regional pride is a trend that will increase or decrease in the coming months and years? All Drake cares about is Money and the City that he’s from, so I wonder if it’s the same for you guys? Can you go too far with city/regional pride?

Huge fan of Drake, and yes that’s pretty much all he cares about. And women. Regarding geotargeted apparel, I don’t think it will ever really die out. There will always be poor adaptations of those concepts that are unpopular, and you run the risk of being disrespectful there. I have a lot of pride for the area I’m from, so does our team with their areas; people who share that are definitely pre-disposed to apparel showing love to their hometowns — But it’s got to be cool first. Don’t slap a cheesesteak on a purple shirt and expect me to buy it bc I’m from Philly… But something cool within the framework of the city-theme, with great fit/fabric, absolutely man, I’m all the way in on that.

What can we expect to see this year from the lax fashion world? What’s hot? And what is played out?

This is a layup to take some shots… Won’t do that though. We’ve made a conscious effort as a brand not to sell out this year. Some of the apparel flooding our market right now is hard to look at, and the funny thing is: Buyers agree. That being the case, we could’ve easily followed suit, bolstered margins for retailers, and had a killer year in shorts or pinnies or something … Doing that would make it hard to come to work every day. We’re staying with what we know. Fads are an interesting breed; we’ve studie them a lot, and there’s something inherent that makes people want to make that part-time purchase that you know you can’t wear next year… But we’d much rather be a purchase your kids can wear. Cool will always be cool.

Adrenaline Movement The LEague tshirt

The Whole League, in all its glory!

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