Maryland STX lacrosse assault gloves lax 2011

EVEN MORE STX Lacrosse Gloves: Cornell, Maryland, UNC and Lindenwood

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The Lacrosse Gloves just keep on coming from STX’s facebook page.  The Assault line is making a big splash in 2011 and we’ve heard some interesting things over here on SSL.  In the fall, we asked STX if there was any truth to some rumors that there were production problems with the Assault gloves and STX said “No, that hasn’t happened” and we left it at that.  Still looks like that was pretty much 100% true.

Now we have heard from anonymous sources (anonymous to you, but we know who they are!) that the Assault gloves were ordered, but then the offer to produce the Assaults was pulled off the table and K18s were offered instead.  This was evidently a very rare problem and we haven’t heard a single complaint out of anyone else we’ve talked to.  More than anything, I think it just speaks to the overwhelming popularity of the Assault gloves.

Now back to the NEW NEW:

The Maryland Assault Gloves are OUTRAGEOUS.  AGAIN.  Well done, Terps!  I’d love to see them in Black and yellow… and red.

Maryland STX lacrosse assault gloves lax 2011

These are beautious.

Cornell’s Assault Gloves make me go to sleep.  If you have two colors, go with one color gloves and be bright.  All red hand protection units would have been 10000000000000x better.  No contest.

Cornell STX Lacrosse lax gloves 2011 Assault

Boring as stock gloves. Maybe even more so. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.

UNC got two pairs of Assault Gloves.  The white ones are even more boring than Cornell’s while their Navy, Carolina and White pair are ok.  Really nothing special though.  Better than that Argyle helmet wrap they might be using.  At least that’s something.

UNC STX Lacrosse lax gloves 2011 Assault

Not that boring. But not exciting.

UNC STX Lacrosse lax gloves 2011 Assault

What? did you say something? I was sleeping.

And then there was little old MCLA school Lindenwood.  They have gold gloves so they automatically have potential.  But these look good.  Legit work by the club laxers showing up the big boys of the NCAA!  I like it!

Lindenwood STX Lacrosse lax gloves 2011 Assault

Shiny goldness. Sweet. Sweet. Lax.

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