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eBay Lacrosse Gear Explosion

2 - Published September 5, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves, Helmets

When I first started submitting photos of gear on eBay to Sweet Sweet Lax, I wasn’t sure if people would actually be interested in checking in or reading about any of this stuff.  However, I received some encouraging news this last Friday that was pretty awesome.  I received an email from Jeff Brunelle stating the following:

“Hey Cody – See below/attached. The Easton General Manager (Doug Appleton) bought those old school gloves after seeing them on SSL! Nice find!”

I couldn’t believe that many people were reading this stuff, and the fact that the GM of a budding lacrosse company checked in on my post was pretty exciting news!

Doug Appleton - Easton GM

So, without further information, onto more eBay gear!  I was surprised when I logged onto Ebay today to find so much sweet (and thought provoking) gear.

Old RPMs

I wasn’t taken away with these gloves, but it got me really thinking about the customization of lacrosse gear and when it started.  For me, I think that the RPMs had a significant effect on the custom team gear craze.  It is difficult to tell in this picture, but these are custom Ohio State gloves.  The first truly custom gloves that I saw were from Judge Memorial Catholic High School (Salt Lake City, UT) – they were red and yellow RPMs.  They were the sickest gloves I had seen and it really seemed like from this point on, every team started doing custom gloves (and everything else).  Maybe this thought is just because I grew up playing in SLC and Idaho, so correct me if I’m wrong.

Bayhawks Gloves? - Yes Please.

With a Price Tag set at $250, not sure if I would consider these custom Bayhawk’s Gloves.  Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty amazing, but the MLL is not at a point where this guy is going to drop $250 on them.

Rochester Rattlers C Pro

However, at a price of just $75, I may consider this old Rochester Rattler C Pro.

Even More Old Leather Gloves

With a price of $20, these leather gloves  still have Five days left to auction.  So many leather gloves… I wonder why everyone is getting rid of their “vintage” lacrosse gear.  If these were mine, they would be hanging on a wall in my Man Cave.  No Way am I selling these.

What do you all think?  Are you selling all your old gear or holding onto it for sentimental value?  I don’t even have gear that is old or vintage or anything, and I still won’t ever get rid of any of it.  Too many good stories behind every piece of it.

Instructional DVD!

Spaldings official guide to lacrosse!  How awesome does this look?  I am merely posting this because of the chuckle I let out when I saw it.  If I were to host a tournament of Baggataway where everyone had to wear striped sweaters and puff ball hats, would anyone be interested?  I am thinking that a Black and Pink striped sweater would look pretty great for the Woozles.


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