Easton Lacrosse, Warlords, Tornados

Easton Lacrosse, Warlords And Tornados

3 - Published March 16, 2012 by in Equipment, Random Stuff

Easton Lacrosse, Warlords, Tornados

Does the Stealth RS really help a warlord land a tornado?

A mysterious and thought provoking Easton Lacrosse video just surfaced on Vimeo. Titled “Good To Know”, the video features Michael Evans, an Easton Lacrosse athlete, walking through the woods while discussing the purpose of humanity. One thing leads to another and a warlord appear with an Easton Stealth RS Shaft. I think you better just watch the clip!

That warlord looks vaguely familiar… but I’m still trying to piece this whole thing together.

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