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Digital Camo Army Lacrosse Helmets

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A couple of weeks back I was watching the Army football team play on TV and they were wearing their digital camo helmets.  A lot of people have been trying to pull football uniform trends over to lacrosse (myself among them) so I just put the idea out there on the internet and didn’t think more of it.

ARMY football uniform digital camo

These just look tough as hell, even though they're super custom.

Well, it turns out James Gravitt of Head Wrapz saw the post and decided to try the concept out himself on a lacrosse helmet.  He used a Brine Triumph, which Army has worn in the past, and kept the chin and visor black.  The logo is black as well.  Maybe Warrior could send over a new TII helmet to James so he can wrap that up and then Army can see what it would really look like!

If Army were to ever don these lids, I don’t think it would, or should, be an every day occurrence.  Go with the all black helmets most of the time.  This is the kind of thing you pull out when you play Navy, in the Patriot League Finals or in the NCAAs.  Because this is something special, meant to mark the significance of a single game or moment.  An inflection point.  A crucial battle.

The digital camo lacrosse helmet would be a risky move for Army.  It would go outside of their traditional uniform choices but I could see them doing it both because their football team does it, but also because at its root, the  move honors the men and women already serving abroad.  Out of all the D1 schools out there, Army might be willing to get a little more flashy, if only for the sake of its soldiers.

Army Head Wrapz Digital Camo Lacrosse Helmet

The logo doesn't "pop" as much. I really like the subtlety.

Army Head Wrapz Digital Camo Lacrosse Helmet 2

That US flag looks amazing.

Army Head Wrapz Digital Camo Lacrosse Helmet 3

Very nice work by Head Wrapz!

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