Die Hards Lacrosse Helmets By HeadWrapz

0 - Published September 26, 2012 by in Equipment, Helmets

The Die Hards Lacrosse Club is an over-30 men’s lacrosse team out on Long Island, run by Kevin Akner. Kevin contacted HeadWrapz to create a simple, clean HeadWrapz for the team. They wanted something simple, but with a really bold look.


From all white to all RIGHT!

We certainly think this effort from HW works! The light blue to dark navy fade looks like its painted on this Cascade Pro 7. Excellent work right there. There are also tombstones on the back and a big DIE HARDS logo on the lower neck panel. Of course there is a college-style American flag on the back as well… pure class.


It’s like a Hopkins Halloween helmet. Love it!

Good luck to the team and keep an eye out for them during their games at Field of Dreams in Massapequa, as well as the east coast summer tournaments.


Yup, the fade IS magic!

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