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CyberMonday Lacrosse Deals – MUST READ

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Because SSL took a much needed vacation over Thanksgiving weekend, today we bring you the most important deals on lacrosse equipment on the internet. Looking for a gift for your little cousin? Your broke college roommate? Your hard-to-please son or daughter for Christmas? Channukah? Late-season Bar-Mitzvah? Without further gilding the lilly, and with no more ado whatsoever, I give you the deals that are going to get you through the Holiday preseason with change left in your pockets.


LacrosseMonkey’s CyberMonday Deal: is a website I check every few days for their “Daily Deal” in the top right corner of the website. They SLASH the price of one piece of equipment every day, and a ton of my HS players got their gloves for like half-price through this service. Well for CyberMonday, they’ve put together a “best of the Daily Deal” with Daily Deal prices on 28 different pieces of equipment. A Swizzbeat for 40 bucks? That’s a steal. Check it out:

And that's only the first row! There are four!

Also, find a better price on any product on their website, and they’ll beat it by 10%. Guaranteed best prices, every time.


StrikerDanger’s CyberMonday Deal:

StrikerDanger is a custom apparel company that produces “100% aggressively fresh lacrosse apparel.” Although I haven’t used them for sublimated stuff yet, I’m a fan of any company that’s willing to take a risk and be bold. The Legion of Doom uniform you probably clicked on to get here is still one of my favorites I’ve seen to date. And I’ve seen a lot of unis.

Aside from the custom stuff, they have a whole store full of great StrikerDanger apparel, and a TON of loud shorts for the aggressively dressed player. Here’s the deal, simply use the code CYBERMONDAY to purchase ANY item from the store, and get 20% off! That includes items as out of control as these Jorts I saw a team repping in Vegas.

Jeans + Shorts = Jorts. Perfect for snowmobiling.


Lacrosse Panda’s CyberMonday Deal: is offering a big deal for those of you in need of new shoulderpads, elbowpads, and gloves. In addition to getting free shipping on everything in the store, you can get half-off all pads with the Panda logo! I’m an attackman, so if this was the year I needed new elbowpads, this is the website I’d be visiting.

Half-off all pads and gloves with the Panda logo!

This deal is one-day only (TODAY!) so if you want to take advantage of this offer, you better hit them up quickly!’s CyberMonday Deal: is a domain-name I would pay big bucks for. I’ve had a long-time rivalry with (aka Great Atlantic Lacrosse Company if you’re old like me) after I hit a mini-corner pocket at a camp at Dartmouth for a $500 shopping spree. I was in 9th grade. I hit the corner pocket so squarely that the ball got spit out by the plastic cover. Apparently that doesn’t count as making it. I received no shopping spree…

BUT I am willing to put my rivalry aside for you, our readers, so you can receive a shopping spree of your own via their CyberMonday deal!

CyberMonday + Deal of the Day on

Also, check out their Deal of the Day. Today’s is a Maverick t-shirt for 8 bucks! CyberMonday Deal:

Easily the most important deal of the bunch. Check out the post detailing all the ways you can save on cool LAS stuff for the holidays. If you want. Or whatever.

Happy Savings Time!

Are you privy to some other huge CyberMonday lacrosse deals out there? Post them below in the comments section!

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