Custom Waxed Mesh Explosion

1 - Published February 8, 2013 by in Stick Tech

We remember the days when the only custom waxed mesh in the world was made by MarcMesh… ah, how things have changed! Now there are a ton of companies offering waxed mesh, and a couple of them have taken the custom color game to the next NEXT level.

Today we show off some amazing creations from Throne of String, Chillax Customs, Ninja Mesh, and East Coast Dyes. It’s a smorgasbord of custom colored lacrosse mesh perfection, replete with purchase links:

At first the above piece of mesh just looks like it is green. But then, you realize it looks like it is glowing. THEN you realize it IS glowing! Glow in the dark waxed Throne mesh? It’s real!

The new custom LE Frost Throne mesh is really cool as well:

East Coast Dyes has gone with some two color fades to mark the beginning of the college season:

Looks like Loyola. Or LeMoyne!

Chillax Customs put this photo up on Facebook recently, and it really shows the diversity of custom work that Nick Coyne can pull off. Impressive in range, and with clean lines.

Ninja mesh has stuck with the one, two, and three color fades, but that piece on the left is really a five color dye, and it’s killer.

We’re looking forward to 24SevenLax’s BIG MESH REVIEW, coming later this year. It should be epic!


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