The theme of this stick? "Totally free."

Custom Traditional from Sling-It Lacrosse’s Jambler

2 - Published March 16, 2012 by in Equipment, Gear, Stick Tech, String Jobs

Sling-It Lacrosse stringing guru Jordan Ambler and I have been stringing sticks together since middle school. Despite the fact that we went to different high schools, we’d meet at what used to be California Lacrosse Company and spend time stringing and shooting, pushing each other to perfect our sticks. The one thing we always had in common was that we both believed that mesh was the way to go. It’s easy to string, low maintenance, and it lasts as long as you take care of it. What’s not to love?

We’ve featured Jordan’s stringing before because it’s so fundamentally sound. Simple, few bells and whistles, extremely pragmatic.

Well in a wild turn of events, I received these photos via text message yesterday from the Jambler himself. He’s gone to the dark side, but this isn’t your grandpa’s traditional…

The theme of this stick? "Totally free."

I threw with it yesterday. This thing is butter.

Jordan was working with a pretty limited set of tools because he wanted to spend as little money as possible and still string a game-ready traditional pocket. He WAITED for a women’s stick to be returned broken so he could unstring the synthetic leathers that come in many women’s heads, hoping they’d stretch less and be unaffected by weather. He then used leftover sidewall (ew) instead of cross lace because there was none laying around.

Now I’m not a particularly big fan of the Gait Torque head he used, because I string mesh. It’s a difficult head to string the way I do things because of the big open holes, some of which are in two different places side-by-side on the top half of the sidewall. But Jordan told me how well this head lent itself to stringing a traditional pocket. He said he never had to second guess which holes he was going to use, and the holes on the inside of the sidewall actually played a huge part in stringing the upper diamonds, whereas with mesh I might have avoided these holes entirely.

I already tried to convert to the dark side once having famed UVA and Harvard stringer Lyle Tomlinson whip one up for me. Unfortunately it didn’t take. I’m stubborn, stuck in my ways. But after this text message, I dropped a head off at Sling-It Lacrosse to see what the Jambler can do for me. I’ll post it as soon as I get it back.

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