Monte Vista Goalie Gus Gradinger and his new ZimaGear Wrap

Custom Throat Guard Wraps by ZimaGear

4 - Published April 10, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gear, Helmets, Threads, Uniforms

Both ZimaGear and HeadWrapz have each been extremely generous to Sweet Sweet Lax so we can showcase all the incredible custom options players now have for their head wear. Well next in the pipeline of custom decals is a gift for goalies. Now our beloved keepers can add a bit of flair to their shot blocker with ZimaGear’s new custom throat guard wrap.

Monte Vista Goalie Gus Gradinger and his new ZimaGear Wrap

When ZimaGear told us they’d be willing to make us a custom throat guard wrap, I was at a loss because I don’t play goalie anymore. I did it for one season in college, and that was way too long. I don’t even have a throat guard to put it on, but I knew someone who did and I figured since he’s still ruining the college recruiting prospects of attackmen all over Northern California, he could use it more than anyone.

The carbon fiber look was a nice touch behind the logo.

Goes right over the normal clear Cascade throat guard

This is an inexpensive and painless way for you keepers to give your helmet a bit of custom swagger. ZimaGear had this to me in less than 3 weeks and I was extremely impressed with the ease it goes on the throat guard. Takes 10 minutes, maybe less if you actually have a brain. This is a cool addition to the custom decal lineup.

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