Custom Grow The Game Inspired HeadWrapz

1 - Published August 9, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Helmets

Barry Marenberg, our lacrosse legal expert over on LAS, has a son named Zander, and Zander Marenberg loves himself some LAS and is a huge supporter of the Grow The Game effort. So when Zander was given the chance to get a custom helmet done by HeadWrapz, he knew the exact direction he wanted to go: #GTG!


Number 75? We love it!


GTG loud and proud!


… and on both sides!


Very nice!

Man, we can’t complain about that one bit! Thanks for spreading the good word, Zander! And we definitely think HeadWrapz did some solid work on stepping up your helmet game!

Summer 2012 lacrosse

Yeah, the white helmet was ok…

If YOU want to get in on the Grow The Game movement, look no further than our GTG Tour! Get involved, help us make it happen, and maybe we’ll Grow The Game in YOUR town!

Grow The Game

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