Lacrosse Unlimited M80 dye

Custom Gear Drop From Lacrosse Unlimited

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Lacrosse Unlimited has long been THE place to go for sweet lax gear.  This primarily Long Island-based company is familiar to most, if not all, die-hard lacrosse fans, and they do great dye jobs & string jobs and routinely carry stuff you just can’t get anywhere else.  Custom colors, options, you name it… LU has it.  They’ve also got a pretty sweet lax blog going called LaxUNation, where you can see a lot of the custom stuff they do on a regular basis.  Also news!

Ok, back to their newest swag.

Everyone loves a pair of limited edition Nikes, right?  And the Huaraches are clearly the shoe of choice for laxers.  Well, LU has these limited edition Final Four (F4) Nike Huaraches, and as with anything this custom, I’m sure they’ll be gone in a heartbeat.  Still, pretty sweet!

Nike Huarache Limited Edition Final Four F4

Nike Huarache Limited Edition Final Four (F4)

LU is also pumping out dyed heads, and they have come up with a sweet new stock dye technique and they’re showing it off on a BRAND NEW WARRIOR head, called the M80.  Yup, dropping a brand new head on you right in the middle of a post with no fanfare.  NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!

Marbled on the bottom, white strip, solid color on top.  It’s really a very simple dye, but simple dyed work when they’re done flawlessly, and LU has done just that.  I really like this dye job as it’s understated, has a hint of classic appeal, but still creative and different.  Nice work, fellas!

Lacrosse Unlimited M80 dye

Lacrosse Unlimited M80 dye

Lacrosse Unlimited M80 dye

Lacrosse Unlimited M80 dye #2

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