CSU Rams Turn Riots Gold

2 - Published January 13, 2012 by in Lax Nation

Welp, the Colorado State men’s lacrosse team just unveiled their new gloves and proved to some of us that 2012 is indeed The Year of the Gold Glove. First we saw Maverik churn out some holy gold for Notre Dame, then STX boiled up a pot of gold for Purdue, and now the CSU Rams are getting in on the fun with a brand new pair of Warrior Riots.

CSU Rams Lacrosse Gloves


Fun fact: CSU is the real trendsetter here! The Rams had gold gloves last season too.

Loving the “FAMILY” cuff in CSU text. Warrior sure is giving MCLA teams some special treatment these days. The Oregon Ducks Riots we recently posted provide further proof on that!

So, is 2012 really The Year of the Gold Glove? You tell me! Sound off in the comments.