Croart Lacrosse Helmets For Surf N Turf Tourney

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Croart lacrosse runs a bunch of Summer leagues and tourneys in the Boston metro area, and this weekend, they host the Surf N Turf Lacrosse Tournament in Southie.  Southie used to be a very Irish neighborhood in Boston before suburban transplants (like me and my friends) started moving there and gentrifying the area.  That was back in the 90s when I still in high school and we used to go to the O Street Diner.  Or was it the L Street Diner.  I can’t remember.  The important thing was that they had great, greasy food.

Well, Southie has continued to evolve and change, and now there is, of all things, a lacrosse tournament there.  Southie is close to the water, and nowadays it wouldn’t be weird to see someone walking down the street with a lacrosse stick.  10 years ago, it would have been MUCH weirder.

But things change, it’s only natural, and Southie now has a lax scene, maybe even more so than they have a Irish mafia scene anymore.  The Departed, The Town, Good Will Hunting… they’re all Southie movies, but probably not as representative of the area as they once may have been.  Back then you never would have seen a lax stick on the street, let alone a helmet like this one:

-Croart Cascade Lacrosse Helmet

Sweet custom lid!

I love a one-color helmet with a contrasting visor.  It’s just such a clean look.  And if you can pair that with a matching facemask, you’re good to go and looking good.  The red, white and blue look is perfect for the Summer, and sings a nice patriotic song as well.  The Croart guys went with complimentary uniforms as well and even have a Warrior helmet all stickered up for the weekend.  SWEET SWEET GEAR, fellas!

croart lacrosse uniforms

Going white!

croart lacrosse uniforms warrior helmets

LOVE the big Croart logo!




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