Creative 2013 Stringing With Josh Dionne

3 - Published November 16, 2012 by in Dye Jobs, Stick Tech, String Jobs

Following Josh Dionne on has turned out to be a VERY good thing. First there was the Duke dye job, and now Mr. Dionne is showing off some SUPER creative 2013 College Legal Stringing examples. The most unique aspect of the sticks has to be the shooting string placement and alignment.


Seems like Dionne, and teammate, Kyle Keenan, get a little bored sometimes and decide to play around with the old mesh they have left over from previous seasons.



I particularly like that last one. Years ago, even last year, these stringing designs might have been laughed off as meaningless. But with the new rules, they are definitely of interest. Is anyone out there going to give any of this stuff a shot? Or start playing around with crazy configurations?

As an added bonus, I’ll throw in the two Dukies’ whimsical answer to Jimalax’s new METAmorphoMESH:

dionne homemade metamorphomesh

I just love the creativity there, even if it isn’t legal to use in a game. Want combo mesh? Make your own! Dionne shows a lot of ingenuity with these stringing examples, and it just goes to show how good stringers will try to stay well ahead of the curve, new rules or not!

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