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CPX-R. The R Is For Rottman’s.

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A while back I wrote a little ditty about The Great Helmet Debate: The Warrior TII vs. the Cascade Pro7. I suggested that perhaps the Warrior bucket was no longer the “poor man’s Cascade,” but that at the end of the day my Pro7 is still my starting head sweater.

What I didn’t realize is that our content had reached the good people over at Cascade. Friend of the Site, Tewaaraton Award-winning Virginia midfielder, and Cascade’s Best Coast rep Chris Rotelli e-mailed me suggesting that I left a crucial point in the helmet debate out: Cascade’s new CPX-R. But the guys over at Cascade are no slouches. They figured how could I have included their new dome piece if I’ve never worn one?

Now, because of how much Cascade values our readers having THE most accurate opinion-based lacrosse gear information on the internet, they sent over a CPX-R for me to try out. Take a gander:

My work day gets better when this happens when I get home.

Because I appreciate Cascade’s obvious devotion to bringing the gear talk coming, I wore it at two different spots this weekend to give you guys the goods on this helmet.

For whatever reason, I’ve noticed a bit of a divide between Pro7 users and CPX-R users. A lot of folks who already own a Pro7 won’t spend the money to switch over, and a lot of guys with littler heads who found their Pro7 a bit wobbly now swear by the CPX-R. Everyone who came into a high school or college program that switched over to them has been saying great things, yet guys in post-collegiate ball still rock their C-Pros with the clear chin and claim the “fin looks weird.” I’ll admit I had some trepidation about it before I ever got to try it on.

Then I changed my mind.

There’s really no two ways about it. If you wear it right, the thing hugs your head. Plain and simple. And not only in the back where the SPRfit part is. In my last post I mentioned the foresight of the gel temple pads of the Warrior TII, how it comes with 3 different sizes and you can default to a bigger size because it compresses. What I hadn’t realized is that Cascade already one-upped them. In the CPX-R, there is a soft foam foundation beneath the temple pads, so they default larger then squish down to fit your head perfectly, one size fits all.

It's like wearing Temple-pedic!

This system in combination with the SPRfit in the back gives you a helmet that just don’t budge. I really loved the feel of it. I felt like I was wearing my old CPX in the front, but it was a brand new world in the back. I imagine this is how Kenny Powers feels all the time. I took it for a real spin at Palo Alto Lacrosse‘s fall pick-up game on Sunday.

It took a little getting used to remembering to click the SPRfit at first. I forget to buckle my chinstrap pretty regularly so adding another task was a real burden, but then I took one hit and I realized what a remarkable difference the SPRfit actually makes. No more straightening out your helmet after coming out of a ground ball scuffle. No more pulling it down when a pole’s stick gets stuck between your visor and facemask. It really stays put even in some pretty gnarly turbulence. Plus, the SPRfit is like auto-tilt for those of you with tilt-deficiencies. You know who you are.

I only had one uni that REALLY matched.

Now, I just need another HeadWrapz. Post your design ideas below. If it’s good, you’ll see it on this helmet, but unfortunately not in time for Hawaii.

I’ll be bringing you another helmet review from there anyhow…


BONUS! These came in the mail from Scorpion Sport over the weekend. I’m playing with non-numbers from now on.

I'm putting my Twitter handle on all my sublimated stuff. #shameless


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