Jammy Pack Con Bro Chill

Con Bro Chill Takes Jammy Pack To The X-Games

0 - Published January 28, 2011 by in Random Stuff

Jammy Pack Con Bro Chill

Con Bro Chill (aka Connor Martin) has a new mission to make fanny packs cool again. He’s the new spokesman for a product called the Jammy Pack, the “ultimate fanny pack with speakers.”

Con Bro’s first task with Jammy Pack? Make them a commercial to be played live on the jumbotron at the 2011 X-Games. BOOM TOWN!

Just tighten that Jammy Pack around your waste, plug in your iPod or iPhone and let the dance party begin.

Jammy Packs available for purchase at Use promo code: “ConBro” to get 20% off.

Jammy Pack

Here are few examples of the Jammy Pack for your viewing pleasure:

ChubbyChecker Jammy Pack


Double Palladium Jammy Pack

Double Palladium Jammy Pack

The C-Word Jammy Pack

The C-Word

Criminal Damage Jammy Pack

Criminal Damage

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